Bubble with a diameter of less than 1 µm is called 

The term ‘Ultra Fine Bubble' was defined by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) by a consensus of representatives from all over the world.

Unique properties of UFB 

- Normal bubbles and microbubbles float and disappear.

- Ultrafine bubbles do not rise to the surface and remain in the water for weeks or months*.  

*In an environment without special stimulation.

The air pressure inside the bubble is approximately 30 bar 

The surrounding water pressure, intermolecular forces and electrostatic forces create an atmospheric pressure of 30 bar inside the bubble - for viruses and bacteria of the same size as UFB, the force of a 30 bar bubble bursting is a tremendously destructive force. The impact strips off the dirt.

Functions specific to UFB 

1. Surfactant effect

 1) Surface electrification

Bubble surfaces become negatively charged in water.

2) Surface adsorption

UFB attracts objects charged with the opposite polarity to the charged polarity of the bubble surface.

3) Surface repulsion

UFB repels objects that are charged with the same polarity as the charged polarity of the bubble surface.

4) Hydrophobic interaction

UFB attracts oily objects suspended in water to the bubble surface.


2. Gas storage effect

1) Long-term stability

UFB can exist stably in water for long periods of time without significant stimulation

2) Transportability

If filled with UFB of gases other than oxygen in advance, they can be transported below a certain level of stimulation.

3) Maintenance of supersaturation

UFB can inhibit the loss of dissolved gas components released from the water to the open air.

5) Maintain freshness

UFB can suppress oxygen dissolution into the water and maintain hypoxic conditions.


3. Physiologically active effects

1) Promotes plant growth

UFB promotes seed germination and plant growth.


4. Light transparency

1) Transparency

UFB transmits visible light and appears transparent to the naked eye.

2) Light scattering

UFB scatters light of shorter wavelengths than visible light.


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