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Ultra Fine Bubbles are charged with negative ions that are invisibly small, uniformly distributed in water and persist in a stable state over a long period

Due to their high permeability and combination technology dissolving gases and liquids, they have great potential for low-cost applications in fisheries, agriculture, purification and other fields.

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Sectors currently being addressed
Fisheries:  freshness preservation, purification, growth promotion
Agriculture: maintaining freshness, growth promotion
Housing: washing machine, purification of toilet pipes
Food: improving taste and texture



As well as units that can be connected immediately to existing water sources, our team can also design systems for each project and manufacture custom-made equipment.




Our teams have the personnel to handle on-site operations. We can also combine this with other innovative technologies to further improve production efficiency and quality.

We also carry out joint research and development with university research institutes and have extensive resources to identify and solve problems.


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Fishery Experiment #1

Bacteria count test 

May-June '23 in Italy

Maintain freshness by controlling bacteria counts through deoxygenation by UFB.

Significant inhibition of bacterial growth could be demonstrated compared to fish immersed in normal water.

Fishery Experiment #2

Shellfish purification 

Sep '23

A remarkable effect during the purification of oysters. Physiological activation by UFB increased the amount of water absorbed and discharged by the oysters, with an increase in discharged material compared to the comparison tank. This has led to the prospect of a significant reduction in cleaning time, which was 42 hours in the past. 

Agriculture Experiment #1

Growth promotion


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